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Nutrition Facts & Health Benefits Of Veg Omega 3

When we talk about nutrients we can never miss out on omega 3 fatty acids. One of the most studied nutrients, omega 3 fatty acids are widely known for their benefits to heart, brain, joints, skin and hair health. To elaborate a little, omega 3 fatty acids is further classified into alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA).Omega 3 fatty acids are essential fatty acids but unfortunately not synthesised by the body & need to be supplemented by diet. Dietary sources of veg omega 3 are limited & hence vegetarians are deprived of Omega 3 fatty acids & suffer from Omega 3 deficiency.

Veg sources of Omega 3 fatty acids are rich in ALA, which contains plant oils, nuts & seeds. The biologically active forms of Omega 3 fatty acids are DHA & EPA, which are primarily supplemented through marine sources or meat. Unfortunately the conversion rate of ALA to EPA & DHA in the body is only 9%.  This further deprives vegetarians of Omega 3 fatty acids.

Omega 3 fatty acids deficiency is associated with cardiovascular & cognitive disorders, anxiety, depression, insomnia, mood swings, poor blood circulation, bone & joint disorders, skin & hair related issues.

Omega 3 fatty acid deficiency has an effect on the overall homeostasis. An ally to the vegetarians is the marine algal oil pure DHA supplements, which are 100% veg & a rich source of pure DHA.

Below are the benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids & it proves their importance in diet

Veg Omega Capsules Ingredients
  1. Helps reduce depression symptoms

Research indicates that adequate levels of Omega 3 fatty acids can help prevent depression & also improve the symptoms of depression. Omega 3 fatty acid is also known to fight anxiety & lethargy.

  1. Helps improve eye health

DHA, one of the type of Omega 3 fatty acid is known to be the major structural component of retina of the eye. A study suggests the adequate supplementation of DHA significantly reduced the risk of macular degeneration which in turn leads to permanent loss of vision.

  1. Foetus cognitive development

DHA constitutes to 40% of the PUFA’s in the brain. Omega 3 supplementation during pregnancy has shown significant brain development, higher intellect, and better communication skills & also seen to reduce the chances of ADHD, cerebral palsy & autism.

  1. Reduces the risk of cardio vascular diseases

Omega 3 fatty acids are known to increase HDL (good cholesterol) & lower the levels of LDL & triglycerides

  1. Improves joint & bone health

Omega 3 supplementation shows significant improvement in the osteoporosis symptoms as they increase the calcium levels in the body. Omega 3 can also improves the bone grip & shows improvement in arthritis

  1. Helps reduce acne

Yes, adding omega 3 fatty acids to your diet helps in reducing acne. According to some studies, the primary cause of acne is inflammation and it is a well-known fact that omega 3 fatty acids help in lowering inflammation. Another study revealed a reduction in acne lesions when taken as supplements with other nutrients. When taken with isotretinoin which fights acne, it reduces its side effect to a certain point

  1. Protection against sun damage

Taking omega 3 in your diet can help you fight the adverse effects of UVA and UVB. It acts by reducing your skin’s sensitivity towards sun and sunburns. Omega 3 fatty acids when paired with other drugs reduce photosensitivity disorders and skin rashes triggered by the sun.

  1. Fight against dry and itchy skin

Being an oil-based nutrient, it’s no wonder that omega 3 fatty acids are magical for dry skin. The omega 3 supplements keep your skin hydrated and moisturized from within. It is also known to improve the skin’s barriers and eradicate irritants. You will be surprised to know taking omega 3 fatty acids in your diet can help prevent atopic dermatitis in children and reduce psoriasis symptoms in adults.

  1. Boosts skin rejuvenation

Meeting your daily requirement of omega 3 fatty acids can boost the power of your skin rejuvenation. It helps your skin heal internally promoting the growth of new and healthy skin cells.

  1. Hair Growth

Coming to the benefits of omega 3 fatty acids to our hair and hair growth, studies have proved increased hair growth in people who are including omega 3 fatty acids in their diet. Not only that, according to a study done in 2015, omega 3 acids also help in improving hair thickness. So the question of whether omega 3 fatty acids are a must glides towards a yes. Involving it in our daily diet had a lot of good things with no side effects as such. So, why not? Go ahead and take your omega 3 fatty acids for good health!

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