4 Reason Why Supplements Are Needed in the 21st Century


Living in the 21st century can in one word be described as ‘Hustle’. The increased demands of time, increased work power and fast forward technology somehow lead to increased pollution, lifestyle habits and poor digestion. Moreover running behind chemical treatments aided more to the damage. We cannot help but look forward to improving our living conditions and hence, including necessary supplements in our diet is a crucial step. Here are the main 4 reasons which are creating a deficiency in our body leading to damaged skin and hair. 

  1. Digital and Environmental Pollution

    Digital and environmental pollution are damaging our skin every day little by little. Digital pollution refers to the ageing of the skin with excessive use of Technology. Sitting for hours in front of our mobile phones, TV screens and computers make us exposed to high energy e visible light or blue light. This blue light accelerates and promotes the sign of ageing. Accentuate wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and fine lines making our skin look much older than it is. Similarly, environmental pollution contributes to the damage of Skin by exposing us to pollutants and UV rays. It also damages the natural skin barrier.

  2. Poor Lifestyle Habits

    A poor lifestyle is one of the big factors contributing to unhealthy skin and hair. Improper uptake of nutrients and neglecting essential vitamins and supplements can result in more damaged skin and damaged hair. Also consumption of excessive alcohol, fast food and frozen food damage our body which results in breakouts on our skin and fragile hair strands.

  3. Poor Digestion and Absorption

    The immunity is compromised and we are on a healthy eating routine our body tends to produce more gastric acid and absorption of essential vitamins and minerals are decreased. Poor digestion leads to different skin conditions like breakouts, acne, accentuated pigmentation and tired looking dull skin. It also results in more hair fall and brittle hair length.

  4. Harsh Chemical Treatment on Skin and Hair 

    Often we go after a temporary solution to fight the skin and hair damage but end up damaging it more. Harsh chemical treatments on skin destroy the natural oil and fighting capacity of skin from within. It also messes up the natural skin barrier and as a result, causes more different skin problems. Chemical treatment on hair like colouring, bleaching results in damaged hair, promotes hair fall and snatches away the Shine of hair.

Hence it is very important to help the body fight these problems from within. A healthy body results in healthy skin and healthy hair but as the demands of skin and hair nutrition are different we have come up with the two important supplements. As you all can see, intake of supplements has become very crucial to fight this problem of the 21st century. Here we have come up with some naturally formulated and best of both worlds supplements for you. These are

Both of these help your skin and hair fight from within. These are curated with the concept of “reputation” so that no matter what you do not skip your supplements and repeat them heartily every day. Enhancing your body immunity and the skin barrier is the first step towards fighting the damages the 21st century is howling upon us. Include these in your diet positively and trust us you will not be disappointed. 

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