Too much Vitamin A causes hair loss

Biotin For Hair Loss Prevention

Our body is a very complex machinery and for its proper functioning it requires multiple vitamins, minerals and nutrients. These nutrients play a very important role in our daily life. One among those is Vitamin A which plays a major role in our life.

  • What is Vitamin A?

Vitamin A is the group of Fat-soluble compounds which includes compounds that are fat-soluble such as Retinol, Retinal and Retinyl esters. Vitamin A plays an important role in cell division, hair health, immunity, skin health and maintenance of our organs. But too much of this Vitamin A can lead to many health and body issues.

  • Vitamin A and Benefits:- 

Being a very powerful anti-oxidant it helps in fighting against free radical damage. It helps in maintaining the health of your organs. It protects us from issues like night blindness. People suffering from night blindness can see clearly during the day nut during the night they suffer from blindness or they can’t see clearly. It is because of deficiency of Rhodopsin which is majorly composed of Vitamin A.

Vitamin A is a strong antioxidant that fights against free radicals. It has been found out that consuming Vitamin A in form of Beta-Caretone can reduce the risk of cervical, lung and bladder cancer. Vitamin A even plays an important role in your skin health by fighting against acne. It even helps in providing that extra support to the bone thus strengthening it.

  • Vitamin A and Balding:-

The recommended intake of Vitamin A is 600 mcg for men whereas for women who are not pregnant the intake of vitamin A goes to 600 mcg but the levels for pregnant women are different for pregnant women the value is 800mcg. Taking vitamin A more than the recommended limit leads to Hypervitaminosis. Excess intake of Vitamin A makes it accumulate in the liver and thus leads to toxicity. Vitamin A toxicity can lead to rashes on the skin, blurry vision, nausea and hair loss. These side effects can be acute or even chronic and some of them include ulcers, loss of appetite, respiratory infection and many more.

When we consume extra amounts of vitamin A our hair growth cycle accelerates and the anagen phase ends earlier than expected. Thus your hair spends less time in the growing period causing the cycle to approach the telogen phase and thus the cycle is repeated. If your hair follicles don’t regenerate faster it can lead to excessive loss of hair thus giving rise to alopecia or telogen effluvium. There are oil glands present on our head called Sebaceous Glands and Vitamin A promotes the formation of Sebum. It nourishes our hair but if produced in excess it gives rise to the oily scalp thus making your hair fall out giving rise to baldness.

  • How to overcome Balding Caused by Excess Vitamin A:-

If you experience balding due to vitamin A overdose. All you have to do is stop using any sort of supplements for increasing the levels of Vitamin A in your body. When there is an excess of vitamins and nutrients it gets stored up in the liver so make sure all the extra Vitamin A stored in your liver gets used up and the levels are normalized again. After the normalization of levels, your hair will start growing back to normal.

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