Does Age Matter For Hair Growth

Biotin For Hair Loss Prevention

As we age we notice many changes in our body and one thing common in both men and women is hair growth. Our hair tends to show specific changes as we age. E.g. people having curly hair in their younger times notice that their hair is straightened up as they age and vice versa. But one question arises in our mind does age play a role in hair growth/loss?

  • Ageing and Hair Growth:-

As a person starts to age they start experiencing hair loss/ to understand the connection of hair loss in accordance with our age we need to understand the hair growth cycle.

The hair growth cycle is divided into 4 stages:-

  1. Anagen (The Growing Stage):-

Our hair grows about 0.5 inches every month i.e. 6 inches every year. This phase lasts for 5-7 years. Where the follicles are continuously supplied with nutrients.

  1. Catagen Phase (The Transitional Stage):-

This phase lasts for 10 months where the outer part of our hair gets attached to our root thus the growth is stopped. The follicles stop getting nutrient flow.

  1. Telogen (The Resting Stage):-

This phase lasts approximately for 3 months. In this phase, the old hairs are shifted upwards and new hair starts to develop. In this phase, you lose 25-100 hairs daily.

  1. Exogen (The New Hair Stage):-

In this phase, you start to lose your hair and new hair starts to grow. In this phase, your new follicles replace the old hair follicles about 50-150 hair falls daily during this phase.

Now coming to the point what does it have to do with ageing?

So our hair growth cycle lasts for 3-7 years which gets slowed down as we age. Because as we age the metabolism slows down and does not function in the same way while we were young. In men due to decrement in the levels of testosterone, they experience Male Pattern Hair Loss also termed as Alopecia Areata. They start to develop bald spots at the top of their head and in some cases they experience receding of hairline, V-shaped hair loss.

In women, due to fluctuations of hormones, it leads to Female Pattern Hair Loss i.e. Androgenic Alopecia. In this women starts to experience hair thinning thus making their scalp visible, they even find their hairline receding.

As we age our follicles turn thinner and drop put but the biggest irony is that they do not regenerate.

  • Steps to counter the hair loss:-

The hair loss which is due to ageing is inevitable thus you cannot counter it. But all you can do is to follow some steps:-

  1. Wash hair less frequently:-

If we wash our hair more than twice a week it can lead to dryness and thinning of hair thus making hair lose its texture. So make sure you use to wash your hair just twice a week.

  1. Never forget to use a conditioner:-

While we apply shampoo to our hair we lose important oils and nutrients. So using a conditioner after every hair wash helps in regaining the lost oils and nutrients and provide plump and lustre to each and every strand.

  1. Choose Proper Products:-

Using curlers and straighteners without serum can make them thin. Avoid paraben and phthalates containing products as they cause an imbalance of nutrients and hormones thus weakening your hair.

  1. Eat Proper Diet:-

Your hair health majorly depends on what you intake so make sure you eat a diet rich in protein which helps in providing a boost to keratin production. Eat foods like spinach, leafy veggies, eggs and fish. Include multivitamins and nutritional supplements to increase the intake of vitamins and nutrients in your body.

So our age play a major role in hair growth till a particular age but as we approach our 30’s we start to notice an increase in hair fall.

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