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Amino Acid, The Building Block of Hair

Amino acid

Amino acids are very essential for normal human metabolism. They are made of protein and peptides and also a precursor of different biological substances like neurotransmitters and hormones. And hence there are also the building blocks of healthy hair. MI no acid comprises two groups amino group and carboxyl group bound to a specific sidechain that can further be classified as proteogenic amino acids and non-proteogenic amino acids. Inner body non-protein amino acids do exist in different forms and have various. Toxins and coenzymes are one of those but the main concern here is proteogenic amino acids which are involved in the production of peptides and proteins. In total 20 amino acids exist out of which only 8 are essential and these essential amino acids cannot be produced by our body.  So we have to supply these from outside sources such as supplements or in a diet. As amino acids are the building blocks of protein it indirectly contributes to the hair growth process and hence can be called building blocks of hair as well. 

Let’s talk about the function of amino acids. Amino acids not only participate in protein formation but are also precursors of various biologygical substances like neurotransmitter pigments of your skin, biological substance and hormones. They are also an essential part of body homeostasis and glucose homeostasis keeping your glucose levels in check. Here are the three most important amino acids that place some praise in our body and our hair.  

  1. Tryptophan 
    It is the biological precursor to serotonin. Serotonin is a new receptor that has a potential effect on our mood. If you are lacking in serotonin, several symptoms of depression, fear or aggression will show up. Serotonin also takes care of the overall will not for the body and has some potential effect on stimulation of hair growth. Some of the good sources of tryptophan are spinach seeds, dark chocolate bananas and nuts.
  2. Leucine 
    One of the most important of all, the amino acid leucine is known to stimulate protein synthesis in muscle and body and hence plays an important role in the maintenance of healthy hair. Some resources are loose in soybean meat eggs, pumpkin seed and lentils.
  3. Lysine
    Lysine has a potential effect on the production of hair as this is responsible for the production of collagen. Collagen is known to promote hair growth and is one of the active proteins involved in the process of hair growth. Lack of collagen can lead to premature hair greying, hair fall, damaged and weak hair follicles and dry rough-looking hairs. 
  4. Keratin
    The most familiar name keratin is composed of 18 amino acids and is the building block of our hair keratin is undoubtedly the most important amino acid which is involved in our hair growth and hence if you are deficient in keratin or if your body is unable to synthesize keratin protein you suffer from severe hair damage. 

We use the term protein quality while referring to amino acid profile food which has high protein quality have a better amino acid profile

Receding hairline or a bald spot can be caused due to deficiency of protein in our body hence amino acids, be adequately supplied to a body for healthy hair growth. 

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