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All you Need is a Good Diet, Exercise, Sleep and PUNH: NUTRITION


We cannot empathize enough on the need for supplements in this 21st century. Fighting the worst of environmental pollution, climate change, poor dietary intake due to busy schedules, lifestyles and constantly neglecting our health on the go, our body, skin and hair are undergoing damage every day. We often run deficient in essential vitamins, minerals and proteins while chasing time. Being sleep-deprived, not active, sitting in front of our laptops and computers for hours, doing an online job and having a poor diet is slowly poisoning us day by day. We often fail to realize but all these accelerate the sign of ageing much faster. It also promotes hyperpigmentation, the appearance of Fine Line coma wrinkles, dry and dull skin. One good way to fight these problems is a good diet, exercise, sleep and intake of ‘Punh’ nutrition. 

In Punh nutrition for both skin and hair we have targeted two important aspects of the human body and that is healthy, radiant skin damage-free, smooth and lustrous looking hair. 

With all due love, we have curated two products. 

  1. ‘ Punh’ SKIN radiance tablets:- 
    Formulated with the best of both worlds Punh skin radiance tablet brings to you the essential nutrients and vitamins topped with proteins and essential oil that you often miss on out in your daily diet. Different essential fatty acids and vitamins which are necessary for healthy cell growth, good circulation and good inner health are ignored because of a busy schedule. In Punh we have tried to incorporate all of these in the form of supplements and name this as a Radiance tablet so that you can fight all the damage from within. Punh skin radiance tablets provide a better skin barrier that helps you fight digital pollution and environmental pollution alike. It fights severe breakouts due to exposure to climate change and pollutants. It also controls acne. Not only this Punh skin radiance tablet helps you prevent your skin from sun damage and oxidation by free radicals. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles. It doesn’t let your hyperpigmentation worsen and instead aids in reducing it from within. It controls your melanin production to help you retain your original skin tone and prevent you from sun tanning. It also provides you hydration from within so that your skin doesn’t look dry and patchy instead looks radiant, hydrated and you have that glow wherever you go. Incorporated with essential fatty acid Pune nutrition also ensures you have the fighting capacity against irritation and promotes healing from within.
  2. ‘Punh’ HAIR nutrition capsules:- 
    Another amazing nutrition option that we have come up with is Punh hair nutrition capsules. The damage this changing climatic conditions and extreme pollution has done to our hair is worse. Most people these days suffer from brittle and fragile hair, thinning of hair, weak hair, extreme hair fall, split ends and dull and dry looking hair with no lustre or smoothness. Not being able to incorporate essential vitamins and fatty acids and minerals are one more reason we are suffering from extreme hair fall. In Punh we have tried to incorporate all of these essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and protein along with some magic ingredients to help you fight against the damage caused to your hair. It helps you synthesize more keratin, biotin like proteins that promote hair growth and another essential vitamin to prevent hair falling from within and also prevent dry and itchy scalp. In Punh nutrition we have also added some other superfoods and age-old magical ingredients which will improve your blood circulation, help you with faster cell repair and cell growth and promote thick hair growth which doesn’t look dry and frizzy. All these good things that we have incorporated in the Punh hair nutrition capsule will repair your hair and provide it with the ability to fight this climatic change and pollution.

Hence complete your sleep, have a better diet, exercise, take Punh nutrition capsules and tablets and repeat! We hope for your better health and well being always. 

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