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Wondering what postnatal skincare is? Well, it is the post-care of your body and skin after your delivery. Childbirth is a beautiful feeling for every woman but the health complication that follows is often hard to tackle. So it is very important to give your skin the proper care it needs for recovery. But none of this change is permanent though It often takes a lot of time for a woman to go back to her pre-pregnancy self. 

Some of the common skin problems a woman faces after delivery or post-delivery are

  1. Stretch Marks 

Stretch marks are caused by skin stretching in a short amount of time. This is mainly seen in women post-pregnancy. This makes skin look shrunken and dark in places.

2. Chloasma

These are the hyperpigmentation for brown patches caused on the skin. This is a matter of concern for many women after pregnancy. 

3. Puffy eyes and dark circles

The postnatal period comes with accentuated dark circles and prominent puffy eyes due to oedema of tissues. 

4. Acne and Breakouts 

A very common thing seen in women after they have given birth is acne and breakouts. This happens due to a sudden change in body and blood circulation and the elevated demands of Nutrition in the body after pregnancy.

5. Increased sensitivity

Women who are in the postnatal phase are more sensitive to different stimuli like sunlight, dust particles, smell, etc than normal women.

6. Fatigue and tired skin 

Women who recently gave tend to look more tired most of the time because of the extra care they provide to the baby and the raised demand for nutrition in the body.

Hence the compact these problems there are certain nutrition skincare and Lifestyle changes that I need to be included post-pregnancy. Let’s talk about them in a little more detail.

  • Taking an adequate amount of water can be the first life-changing step towards better health. Hydrated skin is a key to good skin.  
  • Following a CTM skincare regime religiously. This includes C for cleansing, T for running and M for moisturizing. 
  • Getting the right amount of sleep is another key ingredient to good skin that doesn’t look tired and also helps in reducing puffiness and dark circle under the eyes
  • Including more iron content in your diet will result in improved circulation of blood resulting in soft and glowing skin.
  •  Studies have shown that vitamin E proved beneficial for fading away from the stretch marks. Applying Vitamin E to your skin can help you fade away those marks. Taking Vitamin E supplements will also help you internally fight this skin problem
  • You can also opt for some skin treatment post your delivery. Extreme dry skin or dark patches on the skin might require a doctor’s help to get better.
  • Using a gentle face wash twice a day with no Harsh chemicals can help to reduce acne.
  •  Whenever getting exposed to the sun, do not forget to apply sunscreen. This will help you prevent pigmentation and the generation of free radicals that might damage your skin more. 

These are the few basic steps you need to adapt to for better skin and the health of your body. Being a mother is surreal but do not forget to look after yourself as well because you are the most important person for everyone including you.  

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