Nutrients Required for Hair growth

Nutrients Required for Hair growth

While Taking care of your skin to achieve a glow is essential. Make sure not to neglect your hair! Hair growth maintenance is sometimes forgotten in our beauty regimens. Having strong and vibrant hair can increase your self-assurance and improve your look.

Picture yourself having hair that’s thick and shiny, full of life! Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Hair loss is hard enough to suffer in itself, but it can be particularly difficult to cope with in our appearance obsessed society

Just like your skin and other parts of your body, your hair also goes through a cycle of growth and renewal. Once we understand this cycle, we will see how important nutrients are, in keeping your hair strong and thick. It’s all connected!

Let’s explore the realm of hair growth.

Hair Growth: A Closer Look at the Journey

The Secret Life of Your Hair: Three Growth Phases

Imagine your hair follicle (the tiny pocket where hair grows), during the growth zone pumps out new hair cells, which is why some people can grow their hair really long!

This is like a brief pause in growth. Your hair root starts to shrink, the hair root detaches from the blood supply, which indicates it stops growing new hair. But no worries, the existing hair strand is still swinging in there!

In telogen, your hair roots are at resting phase, and no new growth is happening. Eventually, the old hair falls out making way for new hair.

The problem occurs when hair roots find it difficult to move back into the Anagen Phase, eventually hindering new hair growth.

Essential Nutrients for Strong and healthy hair.

Imagine giving your hair the best “Nutritional Cocktail” it needs for vibrant growth.

Here’s how some of the carefully chosen ingredients in hair nutrition supplements might contribute to a healthy hair growth cycle:

Biotin, (Vitamin B7) is essential, for the production of Keratin, the protein for development of our hair strands.

Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant that protects the roots of our hair.

DHT blockers focus on combating with the hormone DHT which can lead to hair loss by reducing the size of hair roots. These blockers function by limiting DHT production potentially slowing down hair loss. DHT blockers include Pumpkin seeds and Beta Sitosterol.

The B Vitamin complex acts like a team of individuals with each B Vitamin playing a role in promoting hair growth such as maintaining root vitality and enhancing blood flow, for transportation of nutrients to hair.

Iron: Essential for promoting hair growth and maintaining overall hair health by aiding in oxygen transport to the roots supporting growth and repair. A lack of iron can result in hair loss and thinning.

Zinc: Supports the functioning of oil glands near the hair roots contributing to hair growth.

Cysteine: An amino acid crucial for keratin formation, the protein which builds your hair strands

Lysine: This amino acid helps to absorb iron, which is necessary for fostering hair growth.

The Power of Hair Nutraceuticals:

Even though eating a balanced diet is vital for overall health, it may not always provide all the nutrients required for strong, lustrous hair. Here’s where hair supplements can prove to be helpful in, providing:

Crafted Approach: They can be tailored according to the health specific condition, this targeted approach ensures the chosen nutraceutical will tackle the root cause of the health condition . for an onset of the action.

Convenient and effective: Taking hair supplements is a practical approach to make sure you’re getting the right amount of these essential elements.

Delivers lasting Results: Takes an inside- out approach to encourage sustained healthy hair growth over time.

Imagine this: Rich blend of biotin, DHT blockers (pumpkin seed extract), vitamin C, a B-vitamin complex, and vital minerals (iron and zinc) in a nutraceutical that is potent for your hair. With their joint unique capabilities, these star ingredients can address multiple hair health issues.. Consider it as providing your hair with the specific nourishment it needs in order to develop!

Together, these superheroes, each with unique abilities, can address several hair health issues concurrently. Think of it as giving you hair the targeted nourishment it needs to thrive!

And, guess what? We have got you a suggestion. Discover the transformative benefits of the Punh: Hair Nutrition capsules, crafted with the blend of all essential natural ingredients which provide 360-degree Nutri protect approach to solve all your hair concerns.

Remember, having thick and radiant hair is a journey, not a destination. Enjoy every step and get ready to rock those luscious locks!

We recommend consulting a healthcare professional for personalised advice on hair care.

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