10 Dietary Habits Causing Damage To Skin Radiance

Diet Habits

Your day to day diet plays a very important role in conditioning your skin. Be it vitamins or essential fatty acids or your daily intake of protein, good skin comes from very controlled and healthy dietary habits. Hence you should be very careful about what you include in your day to day diet. There is a famous saying that goes like, you are what you eat. A bad diet often shows its first signs on your skin. Due to the changing lifestyle, a lot of food that we consume on the go has severe effects on our skin. Let’s discuss 10 such dietary habits that cause damage to our skin.

1. Intake of refined carbs
Refined carbohydrates like white bread, pasta potentiates or increases our blood sugar level which in return is responsible for a lot of acne, wrinkles, breakouts and dry skin. High levels of blood sugar lead to increased oil and sebum production from the skin.

2. Increase salt consumption
When you increase the salt uptake of your diet you are indirectly increasing the water retention of your body. Increased water retention results in swelling of the skin. Food items like chips, sauces and secured meat are rich in sodium and hence can make your skin and your eyes Puffy which will give you a tired look most of the time. Not only is this a high sodium-rich diet it also increases your blood pressure which is quite harmful in the long run.

3. Coffee
Studies have shown that Cafe work as a diuretic which leads to more water loss from your body and hence makes your skin dehydrated. Apart from this cafe is known to promote insomnia, palpitations and addiction resulting in slow damage over time.

4. Excess sugar
A Sugar rich diet may lead to weight gain. Using artificial sweeteners is even worse. Unhealthy weight gain has severe effects on your skin. Moreover, these also aid in increasing histamine production leading to itchiness and inflammatory reactions. You will find yourself craving for it and adapting to an unhealthy lifestyle.

5. Increased alcohol intake
Uptake of alcohol in increased amounts results in severe dehydration and hence dry skin. It also breaks down collagen fibres leading to saggy and dull-looking skin. Alcohol restricts the uptake of vitamin A as well which is essential for the rejuvenation of new skin. It’s a well-known fact how alcohol damages your liver and hence indirectly damages your skin.

6. No uptake of healthy fats
Healthy fats are very essential for a well-balanced life. Essential fatty acids are not produced by a body therefore we need to take this fatty acid from some outside source. Some good sources of healthy fats are walnuts, soybean, salmon and omega 3 fatty acid-related food.

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7. Not enough water intake
Taking enough water is very important for healthy skin and a healthy lifestyle hence do not forget to take your water routinely.

8. Dairy products
Even though milk is a very good source of calcium, skimmed milk is not a very good option when adapting to a healthier lifestyle. Skimmed milk is often abnormally high in hormones which can lead to increased sebum production from the skin.

9. Processed and fast food
Processed food has preservatives that harm the overall flora of your skin and body. The excess fat in them does much more damage than you can estimate.

10. Crash diets
Going on a crash diet means you are depriving your body of essential nutrients. These will show on your skin directly and cause fluctuation in your body and health likewise.

These are the few habits very harmful to our skin and body. And hence if you are adapting to these things it’s high time to cut down on them to move forward with a healthy lifestyle.

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