Which Vitamins Are Best For Glowing The Skin?

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The need for radiant glowing skin is not gender biased. And for that, we need to make sure our body is given these vitamins, in particular, to get that glow:-

  • Vitamin C:-

Also termed as vitamin collagen, this vitamin boosts the production of collagen in our body and helps our skin to remain firm and maintain its strength. It also helps in the reduction of spots and tan by helping in melanin inhibition (the pigment responsible to give skin its color). It helps in the reduction of spots and fine lines thus giving us an even glow. To maintain the proper levels of Vitamin C in your body you should consume food like citrus fruits, broccoli, capsicum, papaya and strawberries.

  • Vitamin A:-

Retinoids helps in reduction of acne as they’ve anti-inflammatory properties. They also help in reducing ageing signs as they help in maintaining the collagen levels in our body.  If you want proper maintenance of vitamin A levels in your body you have to consume orange and yellow citrus fruits and vegetables, skimmed milk, eggs and green vegetables.

  • Vitamin E:-

The most underrated yet the most important vitamin in our body as it helps in the absorption of UV rays before they cause any harm to our skin. It also helps in moisturizing the skin. Researches found out that it plays a major role in bringing the glow of the skin. You should consume food like vegetable oils, green vegetables, nuts and seeds, cereals and juices for maintaining the levels of Vitamin E in your body.

  • Vitamin K:-

Recent researches found out that vitamin K helps in reducing vascular lesions. They reduce puffiness and dark circles, scars, dark spots and also spider veins and provide an even skin tone. For the maintenance of Vitamin K in your body, you have to increase the intake of kale, spinach, sprouts, fish and eggs.

  • Vitamin B3:-

Niacinamide is an important Vitamin B complex and helps in the brightening of the skin by maintaining melanin and collagen levels in our body. It reduces dark spots, moisturizes our skin and illuminates our skin. To maintain proper levels of vitamin B3 in our body we have to increase the intake of Tuna, chicken, turkey, lentils, lima beans and peanuts.