Take Punh: Pledge

Achieve your skin & hair goals

Punh: Nutrition
Whenever you feel you cannot
reach your SKIN & HAIR GOALS,
Punh: nutrition is your dependable
backer that reminds you to try
“Just one more time”

We understand that sometimes it is essential to put “I” before “We”

This International Women’s Day Punh: salutes your care-giving & “We” before “I” attitude!

But you deserve much more!

Take a pledge for yourself & take pledge for your Skin & Hair health as it is the reflection of your overall well-being.

I, pledge for my Skin & Hair health. I will dedicate some time for my Skin & Hair care from daily routine. I believe that Repetition Builds Reputation!

“Because beautiful Skin and Hair requires commitment,  Not miracles!”

Take a pledge below and we will send you a goodie to help you in achieving your skin & hair goal!

    Skin Care Secrets

    • Eat plenty of fruits, nuts & seeds
    • Apply Sunscreen daily
    • Stay hydrated
    • Get enough sleep
    • Use mild cleansers

    Hair Care Secrets

    • Eat leafy greens, eggs & beans
    • Choose products as per hair type
    • Avoid washing with very hot or cold water
    • Nourish with Oils
    • Shield your strands from extreme weather

    About Punh:

    Punh mantra

    Repetition Builds Reputation

    We believe that Repetition builds reputation. In those dark moments when you feel, your dream of achieving  glowing skin and healthy hair is not possible;
    Punh: Nutrition is a motivating reminder that you need to try, “just one more time”.  Keep the discipline of daily recommended dosage and wait to flaunt the desired results!


    Take a look at the work of our team

    A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart.

    Why Supplements?

    Our soil, water quality, and air quality are highly polluted with chemicals and radiation. The food grown in such conditions is likely to be relatively low on nutrition

    Lack of physical activity, and exposure to harmful UV rays have led to skin damage, poor absorption and digestion of food compared to our previous generations.

    Both these reasons have collectively given rise to the need of a booster in nutrition
    Research And Developemnt

    Research & Development

    Our R & D department has strived to bridge the growing nutrition gap in 21 st century due to a busy and stressful life. We hustle to make an ideal combination of most potent & beneficial actives to provide healthy skin & hair.

    We develop a convenient and beautiful design

    Usually, we prefer the real thing, wine without sulfur based preservatives, real butter, not margarine, and so we'd like our layouts and designs to be filled with real words with thoughts that count.

    Marvin McKinney

    CEO / Founder

    Brandie Russell

    CEO / Founder

    We follow international hygiene
    standards to ensure product safety

    Right from sourcing ingredients, to manufacturing and packaging the products, we maintain global standards in hygiene in every single department at Punh:

    Our Future Endeavour

    We are actively experimenting with a variety of formulations for a range of concerns to suit your  preference and lifestyle. Watch this space for a line of our upcoming range on wellness, immunity and eye care

    Capsules for hair growth