Consume one tablet daily for 3 months for visible results

Glutathione is an Antioxidant consisting of 3 amino acids- cysteine, glutamic acid, and glycine. It is synthesised by the body and also found in the diet. The levels of Glutathione deplete naturally owing to ageing, UV radiation & pollution. Decrease in Glutathione levels leads to pigmentation, melasma & ageing.

Glutathione is safe to use as it is derived from natural sources.

Yes, these are nutritional supplements considered safe for a long term use

Punh skin radiance is a powerful blend of ingredients like Glutathione, ALA, Citrus bioflavonoids, Rosehip, Astaxanthin & curcumin which act together to provide a glowing and radiant skin 

Punh skin radiance has proven benefits for Melasma, pigmentation, dark spots, fine lines, UV induced skin damage and photo ageing

It is best to seek your physician’s advice before consuming Punh skin radiance with other prescribed medications

The recommended age for Punh skin radiance is 18 years