There is nothing like veg collagen. Pro collagen blend is a powder containing amino acids, vitamins, niacinamide, & other natural extracts which boosts the body’s ability to synthesise collagen & also prevents the breakdown of collagen. Hence pro-collagen blend helps to generate new collagen & also safeguards the existing collagen, providing a long lasting age defying action.

Anyone above the age of 18 can Punh: Pro-Collagen Blend

It is safe to consume Punh: Pro-Collagen Blend anytime of the day. It is recommended to be consumed after a heavy meal

It is recommended that pregnant, lactating women & people with known medical conditions must seek the advice of their medical practitioner before consuming Punh: Pro-Collagen Blend

Consistency is the key. Consume Punh: Pro-Collagen blend for 3 months consistently to see visible results

A visible improvement in wrinkles, fine lines, an even skin texture, healthier, youthful skin, hair & nails.

The scalp is an extended part of the skin & it is rich in collagen too. Since the pro-collagen blend boosts collagen synthesis, it helps promote hair health. The amino acids help in the synthesis of Keratin